Decoration Ideas For the Living Room & Bedroom

If you are feeling tired of the way your living room and/or bedroom look decor wise, perhaps it is time for you to find a motif that is fresh and exciting. As times and trends change there are always brand new ideas for home decor that is not only easy, but affordable as well, suiting any budget. By visiting craft stores and shopping around a bit, you will find you can give your home a fresh makeover without breaking your bank, and no one will know you did it all yourself. Below are some great ideas for changing the scenery in your home.


Add A Rug

Whether solid or patterned, woven or pile, an area rug can change the entire appearance of your family room or living room. When keeping your eye out for the perfect floor piece, be sure to choose one that is the right size, and the colors of the rug should compliment your existing, or planned, color scheme. If you already have a lot of solids when it comes to color, such as your furniture, then it is probably going to make sense to lean in the direction of a patterned rug, and vice-versa. In any event, the addition of a simple rug is an easy change to make and will keep decor expenses at a minimum.

Momeni Area Rugs


Curtains, Drapes & Shades

Here is another easy way to flip the script in your living area. If things are looking a bit drab for the new summer season, bright, colorful curtains or shades are an excellent way to steer the eye in a new direction. Throw a splash of color across the room that goes against the grain, one example is a dose of red if you have a black and white scheme. Changing drapes and curtains to go with a season or holiday is also a great way to change things up in your living room. Topping things off with an appropriately colored valance will spice things up even more. Also pay attention to the way you allow the folds to fall, creativity is key!

Curtains, Drapes & Shades—Drapes-traditional-curtains-


Get A New Set Of Sheets; Add A Comforter, Skirting, & Throw Pillows

These things can be bought as sets, or “in-a-bag”, featuring skirting, sheets, shams, and matching comforter. With sizes to fit every bed it is easy to take advantage of this simple redecoration technique. You can also find sets in every quality range and budget, and the pattern and color possibilities are endless. Replacement sets can be found in any store that sells bedding. It is easy to find something that isn’t to far off the scheme you already have in your sleeping area while still completely altering its basic aesthetic.

Get A New Set Of Sheets; Add A Comforter, Skirting, & Throw Pillows


Wall Hangings That Fit the Feel Of the Room

Wall art and decor is the proverbial cherry on the decorating cake. If you are going for a certain emotion when one enters the room, find wall hangings that contribute to that. For example, if you desire a quaint, rustic feel, perhaps farm art or art framed with weathered barn boards would suit you. If you enjoy geometric art, or like the way various colors compliment each other and want to stay in that mode, find hangings that go with your color scheme. Some of the best pieces are found at garage sales or in second hand stores, and you do not have to worry about going over budget in the slightest. Changing your wall decor can change the look of the entire room, and is easy to tackle when changing any other decor around.

Wall Hangings That Fit the Feel Of the Room


In conclusion, the way your surroundings look may be getting old to you but they don’t have to stay that way. Making small changes in wall hangings, bedding, curtains, or floor coverings can alter the entire appearance of a room, giving it a brand new feel. Changing one thing can also be a motivating factor when it comes to beginning to change other things, and you will find yourself not only having fun, but looking forward to the next step in your redecorating journey. Go online for more ideas on changing the way your living room or bedroom looks, and you will find yourself anxious to get going today!

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