Home Decor Essentials for a Beautiful Home

Your home is a reflection of you. Who doesn’t like a home that is rich in color, pattern, form and texture? Beautifully decorated home enhances your mood and displays your personality. It also sets positive mood and happy vibes. You must keep in mind some essentials, while exploring home decorating ideas.

Color and Lighting


Color scheme of your home and lighting are the main essentials to be considered while decorating home. Proper lighting and right color scheme can make your home functional and comfortable to live in. Right color scheme induces a happy and relaxed feeling as soon as you enter home. Choosing a color for the walls can be tricky as it changes with the light throughout the day. Wall colors also set a backdrop for the furniture, furnishings and other decor. While choosing a color for your room, consider how daylight will affect the color of your room and how it will look at night in electric light.

Lighting is equally important while decorating your home. Proper lighting can create desired ambiance in a room. For example, pendant lights fixed about a meter high above the dining table create relaxed ambiance for a happy meal with your family. While selecting lighting for any room, make sure that it is not too bright or too dim. Harsh lighting irritates your eyes and makes you look horrible. Subtle amount of light helps you function properly without creating any stress. Besides, cool lamps make the room look beautiful.



Furniture is another important factor that sets the ambiance of a room. There are many styles in furniture available to set the look of a room. Some of the popular furniture styles are traditional furniture, antique furniture, contemporary furniture, eclectic style furniture etc. You can select a furniture style that suits your style and personality. While buying furniture, consider the size of the room. Too big and heavy furniture in a small space can create obstacles while moving around. Similarly, tiny size furniture in a huge hall also looks ridiculous. You can select furniture pieces of different style, but they should play together well. Select furniture and furnishings that go well with the wall colors. Also, change the color scheme of the furnishings as the season changes. Distinctive knobs and hardware, unique chair or some odd items give character to your room.

Wall Decor


Beautifully decorated walls draw instant attention of a guest. Wall decor is a personal choice and it reflects the personality of the residents. Wall decor need not be expensive. You can even pick up some beautiful pieces in a flea market or you can browse through galleries to pick up a piece of your choice. You can go for antique mirrors, photo frames or wall clocks to give a unique touch to your walls. While displaying wall art, make sure that it is displayed at correct height. Usually 1.5m from floor is the correct height to hang a mirror. If you are planning hang your wall art above a table or shelf, keep at least 20cm gap between the bottom of the wall decor and top of the table. General rule of thumb to display art on walls is to place it little less than midway between the ceiling and the floor or ceiling and top of the furniture.

While decorating your home, it is important to keep enough free space to move around. Coffee table and sofa should have at least 50cm space between them to avoid knocking your shins. Arrange sofa and chairs at right angle to each other. Similarly, arrange furniture in every room with enough free space around to avoid any accidents or injury.

Image source: http://www.associerge.com

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